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In the year 1997, the Minafam Industrial Company started its activities in the wood industry sector with three staff members, with its three staff members, and since then it has been expanding its operations since then. The company offers its services in the field of wood and MDF industry in the name of Myanmar. The following is a brief overview of the company's facilities, services, goals and capabilities. Minafam now has 3,000 square meters of niches, two hundred and fifty square meters of office building, and close to sixty skilled and experienced staff. In its current location, located in a kilometer of three Arab Khaneh roads, with the aim of gaining a favorable share of the market, it is ready to provide services to mass-builders, hoteliers and home customers.

With the establishment of the supply chain management system, Minaf Company supplies and supplies products to the most up-to-date materials in the industry. As for the production of its products, a variety of wooden compact plates including chipboard, MDF and ... all kinds of wooden and PVC coatings and the best fittings are used, some of which come from European countries such as Germany, Austria, Portugal and Turkey, and the other part is provided by reputable domestic producers. Minafam Industrial Co. is proud to bring its services to the highest standards by utilizing the latest technology of wood industry and modern European machinery.

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